Getting Ready Location | Wedding Planning | Root & Arrow Photography

We believe that your wedding album should tell the story of your day & getting ready is one of our favorite parts to photograph.  The day you've been dreaming about & planning for is finally here & emotions are running high.  Whether it's your mom helping you with your veil or your girls seeing you in the dress for the first time, those moments deserve to be captured. 

The space you choose to get ready in is important to those images, so here are some tips to help with your planning!

Lots of Light- This is number one on our list! Look for a space with lots of natural light & try to avoid fluorescent lighting.  Your images will be so much better & your hair & makeup artists will thank you too!


Neutral Color- A white or neutral colored space is best (you don't want a crazy color reflecting & making skin tones unnatural).


Size- Make sure your space will be big enough for everyone- you might think a hotel room will be big enough until you get 10 bridesmaids & all of your things in there! If you do opt to go with a hotel, try to get a suite- they generally tend to look nicer & they're larger.

DSC_3171 1.jpg

Clutter- Make sure your space is clutter free! Ladies tend to carry a lot of stuff (bags, dresses, etc) & a space can easily get overwhelmed with stuff & look messy.  Establish a 'crap corner'- a spot to put all of your stuff so it won't be in the background of your images. 


Access to an outdoor area- This is something to think about especially if your space is not ideal.  Detail shots can be done outdoors as well as group photos & a first look! 


Your Wedding Venue/Airbnb- Check with your venue! A lot of venues offer a bridal suite- just make sure to take a look at it to see if it would work for you. Another great option is renting an Airbnb! A private home is also an option if you know someone with a beautiful space you could use.


Proximity to Groomsmen- If the groomsmen are close by, it can make communication a bit easier! Especially if something was forgotten (like his ring for example). 


Happy planning!