Engagement Session Tips | Root & Arrow Photography

Engagements might just be our favorite type of session . Wedding days are so much fun, but there will be time constraints & more people vying for your attention! Engagements are the perfect time to for us to get to know each other & for you to get comfortable in front of the camera. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your session!

What to Wear: We recommend one casual & one dressy look- you want to coordinate, but avoid being too 'matchy.' Color & texture photograph really well. Wear clothes that look like you, you want to be comfortable! Make sure clothes fit & move well- you don't want anything too tight or too baggy. & last but not least, dress for the location- you want your outfit to make sense with where we are shooting. We highly recommend bringing at least 2 outfits so you get a good variety in your gallery. 


Hair & Makeup- A lot of ladies choose to do their wedding hair & makeup trial for their engagement session, which is a great idea! We always recommend ladies do get their hair & makeup done for the session.


Location- We love when couples choose a location that is meaningful to them- it makes your images more special.  So if you have a favorite park, brewery, hiking trail or even just your backyard- let us know! Otherwise, we've always got lots of great ideas too.


Time of Day- We try to schedule your session at the ideal time of day for good lighting! This is usually either early morning or late evening to take advantage of sunrise or sunset.  Trust us- these are the best times to shoot unless it's overcast! We also try to schedule these sessions on weekdays since our weekends are usually booked for weddings.  


Make a day of it!- We recommend making the day of your session a date day! Do something fun together- go for lunch at your favorite place, grab drinks, relax together doing something you enjoy.  That way, when we meet for your session, you will be in the best state of mind!


Leave the extra stuff at home- Don't worry about bringing props or a lot of extra stuff.  We love shooting the in-between moments & it's harder to do that when you are hauling a lot of extra stuff with you. 


Vulnerability is encouraged!- Be open with us! We know it sounds hard, but pretend there isn't a camera pointed at you- sometime the outtakes are the best shots because people aren't aware they're being photographed. Remember how you act when you're alone & share it with us- are you goofy or introverted? We want to capture that for you. You are not here for us,we are here for you- to capture this time in your lives!