Wedding Reception | Wedding Planning | Root & Arrow Photograp

The vows have been said, the family pictures have all been taken & now you're ready to party! Your wedding reception should be a carefree time to enjoy yourselves & your guests! Here are some tips to think about while planning your event:


Timeline- The biggest thing is to coordinate with your vendors such as your DJ & your photographer ahead of time so everyone is on the same page! As photographers, we generally recommend at least 3 hours of coverage for receptions- that gives us long enough to capture all of the important moments as well as some candid & dance floor shots. 


Dinner- We do ask that you provide us with dinner if your event lasts longer than 4 hours- it's usually a long day & while we bring snacks, we don't get a meal until dinner. Please add us to your seating chart or make sure there will be somewhere for us to sit- there's nothing more awkward than having to interrupt your meal to find out where we can eat! The closer to the head table, the better- this ensures we are close by to capture anything that may happen from candid moments to speeches during the meal.


Table/Group Shots- Please be aware that we try to tell the story of your day as it unfolds- we tend to shoot in a more unposed, candid style.  Please ask us ahead of time if you would like table shots (group shots of everyone seated at their tables) or any specific group shots at the reception so we can get those for you!


Surprises- Please share with us if you are planning any surprises at your reception that we should be aware of! For example, if you are planning epic bridal party entrances, a choreographed first dance, or a sparkler exit- please let us know when & where these will be so we can be prepared for you. 


A side note about receptions- don't think you have to follow the 'rules.'  If you don't want to cut the cake, you don't have to! If you hate the idea of the garter, don't do it. If your people are just not into dancing the night away, have a dinner party instead! We love when couples do their own thing- it makes your day that much more unique. It's your day & you can celebrate anyway you want to!