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Whatever you're planning to do for your ceremony- make sure your photographer is aware of your plan! Let us know if it will be indoors or outdoors & it's always helpful to receive a timeline of events so we know what to expect. Here are a few tips from a photographer's perspective:

Unplugged Ceremonies- Ask your guests not to take any photos during your ceremony. Personally, we love when couples opt to go unplugged! Your guests are more in the moment with you & we don't have to worry about anyone's ipad blocking our shot. win-win. You can read more about unplugged ceremonies over here.

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Church Ceremonies- If you are getting married in a church, please make sure to let us know ahead of time if there are any restrictions for photographers! Some churches only allow us to stand in the back or they don't allow us to move from the aisle. 


Outdoor Ceremonies- We love when couples get married outside! There are just a few things to think about before you plan your outdoor wedding. Time of day is important- the best time of day depends on the season, but usually the best lighting is 1-2 hours before sunset. We know, especially in the summer, that's not always ideal. So make sure to view your ceremony site at the same time of day you are planning for- try to pick a large shaded area (big enough for you & your bridal party to stand in) so there is even lighting. If possible, put the sun behind where you will be standing so you're not squinting & there are less harsh shadows. & try to avoid 'dappled' lighting- this creates crazy patterns on faces/skin. Make sure you have a plan B if it rains- we recommend umbrellas & boots! But if you have a backup location, make sure to let us in on the details.


Receiving Lines- This is another one of those 'traditional' wedding things that everyone does because they think they 'have to.' Be mindful that receiving lines eat up a lot of time- usually more than you think they will because everyone will want to chat with you. If you do plan to have one, make sure you schedule enough time for it- the average receiving line takes about 30 minutes for 100 guests. If you don't want to do it, make sure you have an escape plan! Guests will assume you are & you'll end up doing one anyways. After your ceremony, make your escape to a getaway car or a separate room or area. You can always have your officiant make an announcement as well. 


The Kiss- Last but not least, linger a little for your first kiss! We are quick on the trigger, but this ensures we don't miss that moment for you. 

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