First Look vs. Traditional | Wedding Planning | Root & Arrow Photography

We love first looks & recommend them to all of our couples! 

What is a 'first look?' A first look takes place before the ceremony typically after you get into your dress.  The groom usually waits somewhere picturesque with his back turned & the bride walks up behind him & taps him on the shoulder. There are a lot of reasons to do a first look- greater return on investment in your photographer, time, & less stress are a few! We'll break down some of the reasons we love them:

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Greater return on investment in your photographer- What we mean by this is that with a first look we can choose a beautiful location with good lighting for the best possible images.  Bonus- your hair & makeup will be fresh too! Also, doing a first look before the ceremony usually means we get more time for portraits which means more images for you!


Time- Time is so important on your wedding day, it goes by insanely fast. By doing a first look, we can get bridal party & couple's portraits done before the ceremony even starts. By the time the ceremony is over, everyone is ready to head to the party but if we still have to do family formals, bridal party, & couple's portraits, it usually takes between 1 1/2-2 hours.  It can feel rushed, especially if you don't plan enough time between your ceremony & reception. If those are already done, you can head to cocktail hour instead & enjoy your guest's company!


Less Stress- This one is major- it's your wedding day, you don't want to be stressed out! When you look back, you want to remember how much fun you had! A first look can calm your nerves before the ceremony- you get to have that moment without a hundred people staring at you. In our experience, it's more intimate & personal.


The last thing I hear a lot is that people think having a first look will ruin the moment when you see each other at the altar. We are here to tell you that's not the case! We have seen so many couples do a first look & still have that beautiful moment when they walk down the aisle. Nothing can diminish the moment right before you're about to marry the person you love.


Traditional First Look- Just because it's tradition, doesn't mean you have to do it! We hear a lot of brides say they were planning to do it this way because that's how everyone else does it.  Forget everything you know about what a wedding is supposed to be & really think about how you want your wedding day to feel!

With that said, a traditional first look would be seeing each other for the first time when you walk down the aisle.  We have nothing against a good tradition & if this is the way you want to see each other on your day, we will work with it. Our main goal is for you to have the best day ever! Just keep your timeline in mind & make sure to schedule enough time for everything. 

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