Unplugged Ceremony | Wedding Planning | Root & Arrow Photography

Whenever we arrive at a wedding ceremony & see an 'unplugged wedding' sign, we silently do a little jump for joy! What is an 'unplugged' ceremony? It's simply asking your guests to refrain from taking any photos during your ceremony/wedding. 

Why should I have an unplugged ceremony? There are a few reasons to go unplugged!

First, you are paying a lot of money to get professional photos of your day. As photographers, we hate to see your guests faces hidden by their devices. Don't you want to look back on your wedding photos & see your family & friend's faces?


Which leads to our second reason- without those devices, your guests will be fully present & able to experience that moment with you instead of worrying about getting an instagram worthy shot. Speaking of social media, all of those iPhone photos will be plastered all over social media before you even get to your reception which you may or may not love. 


Thirdly, your professional photos won't be compromised.  We've all seen those posts about guests in the aisle blocking the photographer's shot. Asking guests to be fully present instead could prevent grandma from stepping in front of the photographer with her disposable camera for the first kiss (yeah, it happened). 

Okay, how do I get people to listen? Putting a (large) sign up at the entrance is a good start- that way people see it when they walk in! You can also write it up in your programs.  However, your best bet is to have your officiant make an announcement once everyone has been seated. 

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We know what you're thinking- you might offend someone right? They'll get over it, trust us! We personally had an unplugged ceremony & our own family is full of relatives who don't show up to a family event without their phone or camera fully charged & ready! In the end, everyone was fine with it & we were able to share our beautiful photos on our own time.

Of course, if you don't want to go unplugged, it's totally up to you. It's your wedding, you do you! 

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